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Welcome to this Course "UGC NET - COMMERCE - UNIT 4 (BUSINESS FINANCE)" In this course, you will learn about 1) Scope and sources of finance; Lease financing 2) Cost of capital and time value of money 3) Capital structure 4) Capital budgeting decisions: Conventional and scientific techniques of capital budgeting analysis 5) Working capital management; Dividend decision: Theories and policies 6) Risk and return analysis; Asset securitization 7) International monetary system 8) Foreign exchange market; Exchange rate risk and hedging techniques 9) International financial markets and instruments: Euro currency; GDRs; ADRs 10) International arbitrage; Multinational capital budgeting See you inside the course! Contents will be added .


Welcome to this Course "UGC NET - COMMERCE - UNIT2 (ACCOUNTING & AUDITING)" In this course, you will learn about 1) Basic accounting principles; concepts and postulates 2) Partnership Accounts: Admission, Retirement, Death, Dissolution and Insolvency of partnership firms 3) Corporate Accounting: Issue, forfeiture and reissue of shares; Liquidation of companies; Acquisition, merger, amalgamation and reconstruction of companies 4) Holding company accounts 5) Cost and Management Accounting: Marginal costing and Break-even analysis 6) Standard costing 7) Budgetary control 8) Process costing 9) Activity Based Costing (ABC) 10) Costing for decision-making 11) Life cycle costing 12) Target costing 13) Kaizen costing and JIT 14) Financial Statements Analysis: Ratio analysis; Funds flow Analysis; Cash flow analysis 15) Human Resources Accounting; Inflation Accounting; Environmental Accounting 16) Indian Accounting Standards and IFRS 17) Auditing: Independent financial audit; Vouching; Verification ad valuation of assets and liabilities; Audit of financial statements and audit report 18) Cost audit 19) Recent Trends in Auditing: Management audit; Energy audit; Environment audit; Systems audit; Safety audit See you inside the course! Contents will be added.