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UGC NET - Management - UNIT IV

Welcome to this Course " UGC NET - Management - UNIT IV" In this course, you will learn about 1) Accounting Principles and Standards, Preparation of Financial Statements 2) Financial Statement Analysis 3) Preparation of Cost Sheet, Marginal Costing, Cost Volume Profit Analysis 4) Standard Costing & Variance Analysis 5) Financial Management, Concept & Functions 6) Capital Structure – Theories, Cost of Capital, Sources and Finance 7) Budgeting and Budgetary Control 8) Leverages See you inside the course!.

UGC NET - Management - UNIT V

Welcome to this Course "UGC NET - Management - UNIT V" In this course, you will learn about 1) Value & Returns – Time Preference for Money, Valuation of Bonds and Shares, Risk and Returns; 2) Capital Budgeting – Nature of Investment, Evaluation, Comparison of Methods; Risk and Uncertainly Analysis 3) Dividend – Theories and Determination 4) Mergers and Acquisition – Corporate Restructuring, Value Creation, Merger Negotiations, Leveraged Buyouts, Takeover 5) Portfolio Management – CAPM, APT 6) Derivatives – Options, Option Payoffs, Option Pricing, Forward Contracts & Future Contracts 7) Working Capital Management – Determinants, Cash, Inventory, Receivables and Payables Management, Factoring 8) International Financial Management, Foreign exchange market See you inside the course! Contents will be added .